Pewt 'em Up!
Pewt 'em Up! is a free to play, retro inspired arcade space shoot 'em up. The game features a Stage Mode in which you follow the story of Cadet Claire Voyage, a roguelite Endless Mode, lots of upgrades, achievements, extras like gallery, music player and more. There are no ads, no in-app purchases and you can play offline.
The game is currently available to play on Google Play,, Newgrounds and Steam.
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Programming by Kitadashi, Graphics by Niamara.

You can find Kitadashi on and Twitter. Or via E-Mail: email[at]

You can contact Niamara via E-Mail: niamaraweee[at]
team tsoto c/o Joey Jerome Smith • Eichenstr. 4 • DE-66849 Landstuhl
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